Pianist and composer Pau Viguer has composed this new album (the fifth of the trio) exploring memories from the drawers of his memory, as from a dream… hence the title “Dreaming”.

Again accompanied by the musicians Xuso Barberá on double bass and Felipe Cucciardi on drums, the conjunction of the three musicians is evident. This is especially observed in songs from the album such as “Dreaming” or “Geppetto escapes from the whale” where the sound environments are combined with other moments of maximum strength and tension.

Without a doubt, an album to enjoy the fusion of jazz with other styles.

Pau Viguer, piano

Xuso Barberá, double bass

Felipe Cucciardi, drums

This is the fifth album by the Valencian jazz pianist and composer.

In “Piano solo” we can find a journey through all his music with a development of those songs that have marked his records and concerts. All the compositions in this new work are themes composed by him throughout his jazz career.

Pau Viguer, piano

MUY DELICADO (Picap, 2017) has been distributed in Spain physically and digitally at an international level. The group presented it live in 2017 after having been chosen in the JazzEñe exhibition organized by the SGAE for international promoters. They were also selected to perform in the INDRETS SONORS 2019 cycle.

Pau Viguer, piano
Xuso Barberá, double bass
Felipe Cucciardi, drums

IMPLOSIÓN (Millenia, 2013)
means an inward explosion. In my case, there have been two events that have caused a real “implosion” of feelings and emotions in me in recent years. Firstly, the birth of my daughter Lucia and her first years of life. Secondly, jazz takes over completely and allows me to enjoy and express all my music.

Pau Viguer (piano), Xavi Folch (double bass), Felipe Cucciardi (drums), Borja Baixauli (sax), Katy Rodríguez (voice).

Recorded at Millenia Studio in April 2013. Sound technician Vicente Sabater. Photos: Juanjo Ferrer and Javier Castarnedo. Video clip “La fiesta de los niños” Adriana Chávez. CD design: Toni Escriche.

ARENA (Comboi, 2011)
After ‘Paseo por la vida’, the first record he released at the head of his own group, Valencian pianist Pau Viguer now premieres ‘Arena’. It is an album that the jazzman defines as “eclectic”, due to the multitude of styles he drinks from (swing, Latin rhythms, ballads…), and which points to the great masters of the piano in jazz: Bill Evans, Oscar Peterson, Kenny Barron and Tete Montoliu. Arena’ evokes a childhood of sun, Mediterranean and sand, hence its title.

Pau Viguer was introduced to the world of jazz by the musicians Ricardo Belda and Donato Marot and, at present, he combines his work with other groups such as Blacking Dixieland, Son Cubano and Elena Martín Trio, in addition to giving music and piano classes.

Pau Viguer, piano
Edu Olmedo,
Xavi Alamán,

PASEO POR LA VIDA (Millenia, 2008)
It was the group’s first album (Millenia, 2008). At that time it was formed by Pau Viguer , Oscar Cuchillo (double bass) and Miquel “Roget” Asensio (drums). It was produced by the pianist Ricardo Belda and recorded by the sound technician and producer Vicente Sabater.

It had the collaboration of the guitarist Gonçal Palop in one of the songs. In total 8 songs were chosen for the album, all of them composed by Pau Viguer and arranged by the group.

1,000 copies were released in physical edition (sold out) and also in digital edition. From its edition the group began to make presentation concerts and to receive positive critics of the press and mass media.